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Meet The Roost Fam

Lisa Wise

CEO, Chief Flockster

Grace Langham

President, Flock DC

Laura van de Geijn

Vice President, Flock

Veronica Vivas

Chief People Officer

Steph Toler

Senior Vice President

Pavan Khoobchandani

General Counsel

Chelsey Kelly

Vice President

Dane Denson

Director of Field Management

Hanna Miller

Senior Creative Manager / Photographer

Mike Finkelstein

Director of Project Management, Nest

Shane Jones

Plumber/ Maintenance Technician

Kendall Grant

Business Development Specialist

Dominic Greenfield

On Site Manager

Colin Gordon

Client Experience Assistant

Dulce Estrella

Client Experience Assistant

Claudia Gonzalez

Client Experience Assistant

Magan Araiza

Client Experience Manager

Jorge Melendez

Finance Assistant

Jason Lewis

Director of Client Success

Gabriel Rodriguez

Financial Assistant

Rachael Berman

Client Experience Manager

Mike Acatl

Senior Project Manager

Yunna KIm

Finance Administrative Specialist

Emily Servais


Vincent Kusiak

Turnover Specialist

Catrya Young

People Operations Specialist

Cesar Pineda

Client Experience Assistant

Angel Ramirez

Maintenance Manager

Dreonna Shannon

Leasing Specialist

Stephanie Dempsey

Associate Director of Leasing

Cindy Morra

Executive Assistant

Edwin Lopez

Finance Assistant

Patricia Mendoza

Leasing Assistant

Jennifer Lava

Maintenance Manager

Christian Bates

Turnover Manager

Franklin Villanueva-Lovo

Finance Specialist

Ben Pitler

Turnover Specialist

Mark Petruniak

Web Developer/Media Manager

Eser Yildirim

Vice President of Nest

Ben Berkow

Director of Turnover

Kirby Howell

Client Experience Manager

Carlos Lemus

Maintenance Technician

Andy Salmeron

Turnover Technician

Gabby Aguilar

Property Management Assistant

Gabriel Villanueva

Starling Turnover Technician

Emily England

Director of Business Development

Sarah Jackson

Operations Manager

Nilton Franco

Director of Finance

Lydia La Motta

Director of Onboarding & Leasing

Stefanie Sullivan

Corporate Controller

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1508 U St. NW Washington DC 20001



202 986 3088

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Roost DC is a boutique property management company focused on condo associations and cooperatives throughout the District of Columbia.

Managing buildings of any size requires quite a bit of finesse, attention to detail, strong systems, and great communications. We're committed to an outstanding partnership that delivers on a promise to provide one-of-a-kind building management. We believe excellent management is better for the owner, the building, the community, AND the city.

Simply put, when you partner with Roost, we want it to be a win for all.

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