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Lisa Wise


Lisa Wise is an entrepreneur, change maker, thought leader, writer and philanthropist

Growing up throughout rural Idaho, Lisa was surrounded by love but short on resources and stability. She sought security by building businesses from a young age, starting with her first of many enterprises, The Sherlock Holmes Detective Agency. Offices were open for business in her parents' backyard tool shed, but clients and their mysteries never materialized. But, like most passionate entrepreneurs she moved onto the next endeavor whether that be hustling as a dog-walker, snow shoveler, painted rock saleswoman or pet sitter.

Today, Lisa is the Founder + CEO of Flock DC, a family of real estate management companies that overseeing two billion dollars in property in Washington, DC property. Flock is a purpose driven, values based company that offers a new model for business in a world that will increasingly depend on companies to contribute to stronger and more sustainable communities.

The Journey


Lisa’s career launched in the non-profit sector. She served as the Executive Director of a national environmental non-profit, oversaw operations for a DC-based healthcare coalition and proudly served Planned Parenthood Federation of America for many years as a national political field manager. At the height of the great recession, like any other natural born entrepreneur, she decided to pursue her dream of owning and running her own company, one that united her need to create security for herself and her family, and for others as well. Managing home(s) satisfied her passion and knack for business while creating an opportunity to change lives. Lisa believed then as she does today, that forward-thinking, purpose driven businesses create pathways to real impact and meaningful change for individuals and communities. She elected herself to build a more equitable, community oriented and just world through business.

Lisa’s social justice leadership extends to her community work and thought leadership. She is tapped as an industry expert and advocate for equity regularly appearing in national publications and podcasts. She currently serves as Board Chair for Whitman-Walker Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center that is a national leader in affirming community-based health and wellness services to all with a special expertise in LGBTQ and HIV care. She is also a Commissioner Mayor on the DC Condo Association Advisory Council for the District of Columbia and an advisory member to Jubilee Housing. She is an active member of Leadership Greater Washington and Entrepreneur Organization, EO. She has an MA in cultural studies, a BMA in Media Arts and BA in Political Science from the University of Arizona. Because who doesn’t love learning in the desert! A place as special to her as the Colorado plains she explored with Mortgage.

When not change-making and homemaking, you can find Lisa surrounded by pets and hiking DC’s famous Rock Creek Park with her best friend - her nine-year-old son Beckett - and her wife Cameron.


In 2020, Lisa Wise, with Ericka Taylor, authored the forthcoming business book/memoir “Self Elected: How to Put People and Place Over Profit and Soar.” During this writing journey, together with an advisory board and Flock, they launched the birdSEED foundation, a philanthropic effort to advance economic and housing justice for the BIPOC community. birdSEED offers no-strings down payment grants to first time BIPOC home buyers in the DC region. To date, $300,000 has been pledged for grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 and nine grantees are either living in their new homes or in the process of closing.



Roost DC is a boutique property management company focused on condo associations and cooperatives throughout the District of Columbia.

Managing buildings of any size requires quite a bit of finesse, attention to detail, strong systems, and great communications. We're committed to an outstanding partnership that delivers on a promise to provide one-of-a-kind building management. We believe excellent management is better for the owner, the building, the community, AND the city.

Simply put, when you partner with Roost, we want it to be a win for all.

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