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Early on, we chose to lean INTO the human connection

We bet that even in the most challenging of economies, managing beautiful homes with a strong service component, attention to detail and, above all, empathy, would be a breath of fresh air in the industry and the community.

Our inaugural brand, Nest DC, took flight during the great recession in 2009

Nest DC

We bet that even in the most challenging of economies, managing beautiful homes with a strong service component, attention to detail and, above all, empathy, would be a breath of fresh air in the industry and the community. We focused squarely on management services in the District proper; tending to properties throughout all eight wards.

We obsess over aesthetics, comfort, and coziness. Because we’ve been tenants and owners, we know how to deliver results for our owners, and quality to our modern dwellers. Happy home means a happier home life. Happy modern dwellers and happy home-owners cultivate stronger, more sustainable and more robust local communities. We’re for that!

Early on, we chose to lean INTO the human connection that is so important to managing home while we lean ON new technologies, team based work flows, and sophisticated systems that let us be more present, responsive and effective for our residents and our clients. Nest operates with an unwavering belief that good business is truly good business. We found this business model had a ready and enthusiastic audience. Over the last twelve years, our wingprint in the city has grown substantially while our dedication to the resident, client and community experience is more pronounced than ever.


In 2014, Nest founder and owner, Lisa Wise, realized she could quit her full time job and focus the other 100% of her attention on Nest, AND still pay the bills for her young family. It was a game changer. But only possible because the business model attracted an eclectic and bright team laser focused on service and a willingness to follow and her dream of owning a company that’s at once purpose-driven and viable. (plus, let’s be honest — this job is both hard AND fun and full of drama). We measured profit in the number of good jobs we created. So why not build on our ownership base and disrupt the industry further?...And so we did.

Building Better Living

Roost DC

Roost DC took flight in 2015 as the only employee-owned community management company of its kind.

We set out to manage high density urban associations and cooperatives, many of which share an address with our exceptional Nest homes under management. We think they call that vertical integration. We simply thought of it as a great opportunity to feed two birds with one seed. Today, any member of the Flock team is given the opportunity to buy shares of Roost and start their ownership journey.

The playbook is simple. Ownership generates an entirely new relationship to the work. Owners are invested. Owners work together. Owners have an interest in an exceptional outcome for our residents, our clients and our community. The winner is the city and the citizen.

Creating Resident Ready Spaces

Starling DC

Starling DC hones in on getting spaces rent ready with an eye toward detail AND an owner’s bottom line.

Once Roost was flying high, we decided to explore a more complex maintenance and improvement service to align with our different brands. With Starling, we’re after that WOW moment when a resident opens the front door to their new home. Attention to detail paired with the highest standards and solid skills define our Starling technicians.

Hassle Free Homeownership

BirdWatch DC

In 2020, we officially launched BirdWatch. For the homeowner that longs for the good old days of renting.

We take the hassle out of home ownership by offering the same sophisticated and high touch property management services we’ve offered tenants for twelve years to the harried home dweller. This service, the first of its kind in the nation, will surely be a feather in our cap and a sanity game changer for our clients.

A Philanthropy Home


birdSEED ties all of our work together.

A strong sense of purpose, a focus on justice and peace and a deep belief that caring for homes and residents is both a serious responsibility and a privilege.Our birdSEED program is host to this value system. This benevolent bird is the heart and soul of our mission. With birdSEED, we invest our time and money in a more just and equitable future with housing down payment grants, community volunteer engagement and micro-grants for District doers, makers and disruptors. We are thrilled to support the citizens and city that have hosted our dreams for over a decade.

What we do

We are a mission driven, values based motherbird that privileges purpose over profit.



1508 U St. NW Washington DC 20001



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Roost DC is a boutique property management company focused on condo associations and cooperatives throughout the District of Columbia.

Managing buildings of any size requires quite a bit of finesse, attention to detail, strong systems, and great communications. We're committed to an outstanding partnership that delivers on a promise to provide one-of-a-kind building management. We believe excellent management is better for the owner, the building, the community, AND the city.

Simply put, when you partner with Roost, we want it to be a win for all.

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