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Eser Yildirim
Vice President of Nest

I like to think I'm one of the few people in DC who moved here not for a job but because I loved the city! My passion for hospitality led me to a decade + career in the restaurant industry but I've always been interested in real estate. Luckily, in November of 2017, I found a company whose primary goal is hospitality and taking care of everyone they interact with. As Director of our Client Experience team, I get to combine both my passion for serving people and our community with my interest in property management. Although I've left restaurants, I still love everything food- either cooking at home, dining out in Dupont where I live, or traveling internationally and eating my way through my itinerary.


Roost DC is a boutique property management company focused on condo associations and cooperatives throughout the District of Columbia.

Managing buildings of any size requires quite a bit of finesse, attention to detail, strong systems, and great communications. We're committed to an outstanding partnership that delivers on a promise to provide one-of-a-kind building management. We believe excellent management is better for the owner, the building, the community, AND the city.

Simply put, when you partner with Roost, we want it to be a win for all.

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