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birdSEED Foundation Landing

In my lifetime, I have had not one, but two pet doves. This is likely a statistical anomaly. I named my first dove Romeo. He was a stray from down the street. I was nine and used the money I made from a vacuum cleaning business to buy him a cage fit for a king. His housing was far more stable than mine. My second dove escaped from a magic show and when I spotted her wandering the streets, I instinctively bent down to scoop her up. I called her Julietto (long story) and she perched for years in the bay window of our offices at 1st and Florida. She would commute home with me in a simple paper bag.

This summer Julietto took her last flight. And I thought, is this metaphor? Has life as we’ve known it also taken its last flight? Indeed it has. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Because, as our new President has reminded us, we have a chance to meet the moment.

Today, we launch birdSEED. Flock is committing $215,000 to support Black and Brown first time home buyers with down payment grants. Because simply put, anyone in the real estate industry should be deeply disturbed by the historic, systemic racism that has fueled profits for some while excluding many. And if there was ever a moment to stand up and insist we invest in a new future, this is it.

It’s not okay to celebrate record years while a city reckons with civil unrest, attempted coups and a pandemic that has unevenly impacted BIPOC communities. It’s not okay to be quiet right now. It’s time for good citizenship to take flight. While Flock has not enjoyed the successes or profits of our peers in the sales space, we can still advance housing justice in this city we call home. Sharing in any success is the real win for us.

Our birdSEED logo is an homage to the peace and love the dove represents. Fly high with us and consider a tax-deductible donation. With your support, birdSEED will have a significant impact on landing.

To learn more or donate to our birdSEED Foundation click here:

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